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NeedAssistant Reseller Web

We received many emails asking for details on how our Reseller Web Works so we decided to send some information and examples:

It's very easy to setup, and we will help through, there is a big commission for you selling our items.
Check this Page:
your cost for the items is SCost2, your selling Price will be UCost. Your commission is UCost - SCost2.
Free Setup and Support!.

When a customer buys from this website he will send money to your PayPal account, the amount a Buyer will Pay is UCost.
Automatically the Item will be processed in your NA Account and SCost2 will be deducted from your NA Credit.
All your website sales are shown in your NA Account so you can manage easily.


Example 1:

  • You recharge your NA Account for 5 USD
  • Your NA Balance is 5 USD
  • a Customer buys IPhone Unlock USA AT&T - Express for UCost: 4 USD
  • Your PayPal account will receive 4 USD
  • SCost2 (1.2 USD) is deducted from your NA Account
  • Your Remaining NA Balance is 3.8 USD
  • Your Benefit is 4 - 1.2 = 2.8 USD

All is automated no action is needed from your side.
Example 2:

  • Remaining NA Balance: 3.8 USD
  • A Customer Buys IPhone Unlock USA T-Mobile for UCost: 125 USD
  • your Paypal account receives 125 USD
  • Not enough credit in your NA Account to proceed, The Order will be Held till you Avail SCost2 in your Account
  • You add SCost2 (106 USD) to your NA Account.
  • You click on the Order to Process, 106 USD will be deducted from your NA Balance.
  • Order will Process, Remaining NA Balance is 3.8 USD
  • Your commission is 125 - 106 USD = 19 USD

Your commission is available instantly for cash as it is in your PayPal Account.
It is recommended to keep at least 5 to 10 USD in your NA Account for Instant processing of small orders, so customers don't wait to process IMEI check or any small and fast service.


We have the web ready for PHP and ASP Hosting any plan is compatible.

  • Download the Package you want (PHP or ASP)
  • Unzip the Package you downloaded.
  • If you already have a website, create a folder: Unlock and upload the files from the package to the folder
  • if you don't have a website, register a domain on godaddy, get web hosting (Linux or Windows) and upload the package contents to the server.
  • you will need to configure 1 file called Config.asp or Config.php (depends on the package you're using).
  • Reupload the configured file.
  • Contact us to enable your Super Reseller Prices.
  • Start Making Money!


If you don't know anything about Installation or you need any help just contact us and we will help you go online for free.
This is how we can help you:
  • Free Remote support through Teamviewer.
  • Free Consultancy and Configuration.
  • Free Support from A to Z or on any task.
  • Free Addons and Updates.